wolf & lion

As a UX Designer for Wolf & Lion, I could offer to re-invent the complete online pet store experience

Team size: 1
Duration: 4 weeks

problem synthesis

project context

The client - The local SF pet store - Wolf & Lion, wants to attract more customers to the store.


Project Context:


innovative e-commerce for an online pet store experience

Some of the user experiences I proposed to engage and retain pet owners are:

  • 1. Allow clients to register their pets. This will give Wolf & Lion the opportunity to target product sales and services based on the age and nature of the pet.
  • 2. Voice-activated re-ordering through Alexa's APIs
  • 3. Allow the local community to get involved with events and clinics.
  • 4. Have expert reviews for good products on the product details page. Additionally, scrape reviews for the product from other e-commerce site stocking the same product, so that users can have more information up-front without leaving the site.

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Video of clickable wireframe prototype:



The wireframes and designs are based on personas - Jenny, Jason and Mary. They were were already decided as part of the project brief, and I used these personas to present the design details




system flow map

The map indicates the key product features and how they are connected to a user's flow and status:

  • 1. Be able to have consistent experience across devices for features
  • 2. Clarity about feature dependencies before and during development
  • 3. Become an aid for planning and testing user flows

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System Map for new pet store experience for Wolf & Lion: