As a UX Designer for, I helped define an experience of how machine learning and A.I. can aid users sound more trustworthy and confident

Team size: 3
Duration: 4 weeks

problem synthesis

toward an m.v.p

As a team, we interviewed the client and summarized a starting M.V.P for the product as:

  • WHAT: Browser application + plug-in for email
  • WHO: Financial Startup Materketing
  • WHY: Improve tone of marketing content


Excerpts from interview with Dhaval Bhatt, CEO of

problem synthesis

existing product usability testing

Usability testing on existing product led us to remove non measurable tones like "joy", "anticipation", and "popularity" from the existing product classifiers. We summarized the outcomes:

  • T.L.C: Identify and Infuse only Trust, Likability and Confidence for persuasion in inline content
  • USE DATA MINING ON FULL CONTENT ARC: Identify structural elements in overall content
  • ENABLE BRAND CUSTOMIZATION IN CONTENT: Train the algorithm to identify and infuse brand personalization in inline content


Screenshot of existing product:

problem synthesis

product strategy

We presented a product vision and strategy based on what the layers are of telling an effective story


Product vision strategy:

solution discovery

product mockup video

As part of the final delivery, we made a video of the mockup of the product vision for for financial marketers


Video of product mockup:

solution discovery

paper prototypes

We started with interactive paper prototypes to mimic product features which was used to identify and prioritize necessary features. It also led to further research on identifying classifiers.


Photograph of paper prototype:

solution discovery

rapid slides prototypes

We reiterated designs through low-fidelity clickable slides-based rapid prototypes for different personas to gather feedback and effectively communicate functional design details to the client.


Screenshots of slides from rapid prototyping presentation:

solution discovery

visual mockup of web application

We make mockups


Mockup of web application with score detail:

solution discovery

mockup for email plugin

We made more mockups


Mockup of inline email-based tone editor:


competitive and comparative analysis

We studied inline suggesters and document composers:

  • BROWSER based apps: Textio, Grammarly, Boomerang, Medium, Crystal Knows
  • EMAIL based plugins: Grammarly, Boomerang
  • DOCUMENT composers: Sublime Text, Google slides, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook
  • VOICE branding: MailChimp Voice Guide


Learning from existing products:



We identified personas in Financial Startup Markets, and used these personas in prototypes to deliberate on features:

  • PATRICK: Junior Marketer
  • BRIAN: Patrick's boss
  • DANIEL: Founder
  • LIZ: Venture Capitalist


Personas representing Financial Startups:


feature and user flow map

I generated a 'feature and user flow' map for developers to easily understand the complete product flows and scope the development efforts requried in engineering the product.

  • Heirarchy of all required features
  • Points of User and product interaction
  • Points of data collection


Detailed User and Structural Flow Map:


product roadmap

We Synthesized the complete research and ideas into a phase-wise product roadmap. This included creation of an clear vision and feature plan for an Enterprise version for the startup product:

  • PHASE 1: Free Trial Product (M.V.P) with a Plugin and Web application
  • PHASE 2: Increased features in membership based model, which will store documents and edits
  • PHASE 3: Membership based product with story arc suggestions, with style and voice integrated
  • PHASE 4: Enterprise Application allowing role based privileges and collaboration


Product Roadmap: