As a UX Engineer intern, I helped to create the navigation menu scene for a Virtual Reality application for pain management

Team size: 1
Duration: 3 months

problem synthesis

requirements gathering

The existing menu categories were confusing and my role began with trying to gather the requirements through interviews and brainstorming. I studied all the content of the previously existing menus (seen here in the screenshots) to make sure all the necessary functionality could be captured in my design. I made several iterations for the new information architecture. The requirements can be sumarized as:

  • WHAT: Design and develop a menu scene in Unity for navigating scenes for Karuna VR application
  • WHO: Physical Therapists + Pain inflicted patients
  • WHY: Patient registration, data collection, calibration of HTC Vive in application, selection pain exercises

Screenshots of previous menu:

solution discovery

final menu in unity

I developed the menu in Unity with Unity UI assets and simple C# code


Video of Karuna VR menu that I designed and developed in Unity:


mocking up body selection functionality

I made mockups on Sketch and Illustrator to discuss designing of features:

  • Indicate Pain on individual points
  • Select scene based on pain


Mockup of scene selection menu:


graphic assets in sketch

I designed the assets in Sketch for the icons that could be used in the websites, VR applications and more to have consistency:

  • Logo Development


Development of graphic assets in Sketch: