la ciudad idea, barcelona

Our team of 4 in the Urban Planning studio proposed a restructuring of the public transport, private transport and connected public space axes throughout the Barcelona city center.

Team size: 4
Duration: 6 months

problem synthesis

project context

Role: Student of Urbanism, Barcelona


Project description:


proposal for re-ordering of blocks in barcelona

See our 4 minute movie of "The City Idea" for Barcelona

We made a video of our proposal:

La Ciudad Idea - eme3_2011 from eme3 mercado on Vimeo.


mapping new public transportation routes

The new public transport system replaces the present convulated bus routes and proposes a simple horizontal and thoroughfare of buses that has larger coverage, better frequency and minimises confusion for new travellers. This would increase the efficiency of public transport


Proposed map of simplified efficient public trasport system:



Based on the current urban planning pattern of the city, we proposed a super-block that would combine 4 blocks. Private transportation and parking is moved outside the super-block, and the interior is freed up to be open public spaces.


Concept of Superblocks in Barcelona:


mapping traffic flow intensity

We mapped the redistribution of the traffic flows based on the current traffic flow data


Mapping traffic intensity before and after our proposal:


project context

Role: Student of Urbanism, Barcelona


Project context:



This project was presented at U.P.C, Barcelona, as part of the inter-university program - European Masters in Urbanism


Experience with M.Sc Urbanism Term Project, U.P.C, Barcelona