city boulevard, assen

As an urban planner working with Franz Ziegler Studio in The Netherlands, we mapped a detailed proposal for changing the main city corridor of Assen, NL

Team size: 3
Duration: 6 months

problem synthesis

project context

Role: Urban Designer at Studio Franz Ziegler, Rotterdam


Project description:


a ten meter model for the citizens

The studio developed a scaled model of the entire boulevard, resulting in a 10M model which served as a great tool for common discussions and understanding


10 M Model photographs:


public participation with citizens

We presented the design and discussed the minute details with the citizens at evenings in the City Hall of Assen


Picture of me in helping present our urban plan proposal at City Hall, Assen:


master plan

Assen is developing a city boulevard, and Studio Franz Ziegler was appointed to supervise the development. I got involved in the project when it was at it's deliverables stage - we made the essential drawings like plans, maps and sections.


Master Plan:


prototyping in models

This is my first city-scaled strategic urban planning project and learnt a lot, especially about the Dutch culture of Urbanism


Dutch Urban Planning culture:



This project was designed and completed when I was an Assistant Urban Planner at Studio Franz Ziegler, Rotterdam.


Experience with Studio Franz Ziegler in Rotterdam: