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hello world, i'm aarti...

I'm a designer and an engineer.
I'm bringing together my past experience in
architecture and software engineering to build new futures.

linkedin resume PRODUCT: chess of thrones URBAN PLANNING: la ciudad idea barcelona URBAN PLANNING: city boulevard assen PRODUCT: shelter in a cart INTERIORS: all sports bar ARCHITECTURE: fun republic coimbatore i make products & graphics i was an architect UX CASE STUDY: wolf & lion UX CASE STUDY: sfac i am a multi-dimensional ux designer ARCHITECTURE: portfolio PRODUCT: octet truss block i am a software engineer UX CASE STUDY: karuna vr UX CASE STUDY: UX CASE STUDY: URBAN PLANNING: recentering mumbai GRAPHICS: miscellaneous graphics my github about me: i'm aarti c sharma, a designer and engineer. i have over 5 years of design experience as an architect, & 3 years as a technical software engineer. now i design UX for VR, and aspire to create new futures. i like 3D, maps, models, data viz, open source technologies -- and most of all - collaborating enthusiastically with everyone involved. contact me: --------------------------------------------------- about this website: i designed and developed this 3D website with: SKETCHUP : made a 3D model to take screenshots PHOTOSHOP + ILLUSTRATOR : made vector svgs from screenshots JAVASCRIPT + CSS + HTML : browser animation by scroll position read the story   ||  get the files on github special shout-out to @owings1 --------------------------------------------------- © copyright aartics 2017